and the Benefits of Dustless Blasting

We offer what is referred to as “dustless blasting” (DB). Utilizing this process we provide surface preparation services whenever and wherever the need arises. Dustless blasting can remove virtually any type of coating from any material quickly and without the heat and dust associated with traditional blasting.

We’re all familiar with the downside to sand blasting – the need to blast in an enclosed space, the dust that seems to get on every surface and in the cracks, and the potential for damage due to high heat associated with the process.

The dustless blasting process is truly revolutionary – the media used in the process consists of glass beads – essentially sand – it contains no chemicals – the only other product used in the process is water – that’s it just sand and water.

Dustless blasting works by mixing water and abrasive inside a blast tank. With the use of water we drastically increase the mass and energy the machine puts out, while eliminating dust. This is the very simple principle behind dustless blasting.


We price our work based on our hourly rate of $250.

We are equipped for mobile blasting. However mobile blasting jobs do require more time and cost. In addition to travel time we typically incur additional time for set up and clean up.

Please note that our process is generally dependent upon the weather. We typically operate from April to October, but we are able to offer blasting of smaller items throughout the year.

In order to manage costs we do encourage our customers to bring their projects to us but we understand that for some jobs transportation is impractical or impossible. For these jobs we are ready and able to bring our equipment to your location.

Car or Truck Bodies – $1800 minCowl or filler panel – $70 minLawn furniture – $250 min
Hood or Trunklid – $275 minAuto Grill – $140 minBoats – Call for pricing
Fenders – $275 minWheels – $50 / wheelEquipment – Call for pricing
Doors or Tailgate – $290 min

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